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Angela Kok-van Meer on the use of IT in teaching

In this first teaching period, Angela Kok – van Meer MA (USG) is providing two digital testmoments. Angela explains the reasons why and what she has achieved so far.

Angela Kok-van Meer hopes to save tons of time

“I am already experienced in the use of various ICT applications in teaching, such as weblogs, e-lectures and voting devices. When the digital testing or so-called e-assessment option became available, I jumped at the advantages both to students and teachers. That to me was the most important reason to explore the further possibilities.

In Period 1 of the Public Administration course, we will be asking the Bachelor 1 students both open and multiple choice questions. Remindo, the digital testing system allows us to pose both types of questions as well as to mark the answers. Especially distributing the marking and deciphering the various handwritings in particular used to cost me a lot of time. That soon will be in the past. Moreover, the system offers further new options, such as asking questions related to a video clip, thus enabling us to start using ‘Nieuwsuur’ items in our exams.  

Making use of e-assessments does however require a certain amount of preparation as you will have to master the specific system first. For this reason I followed a three-hour training during which many of the functionalities were explained and I had ample time to have a go on the Remindo testing system myself. Of course there is also the technical and didactical support from the Centre for Teaching and Learning when you start creating your own tests. You are never really on your own!

We will have to be patient for a few more weeks still, before we can finally offer our students a proper e-assessment. I am expecting them to respond positively as screens and keyboards are central parts of their world now.”

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